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Our first strawberries for sale

Here we are finally since last year and this year we planted in our small farm stazzu capretta our strawberry plants, as the summer 2017 was so hot with temperatures that peaks around 42 to 44 degrees C ° we where very surprised to see that our strawberries stayed a live. So this winter we have planted 700 more plants and also transplanting little baby plants , so that we have in all +/- 1300 plants. We tried to take seedlings that give fruit with exquisite taste and throughout the summer. So today we already harvest 6 kg of strawberries. Our guests will be delighted to be able to taste our home made marma

lades, fresh fruit, coulis, and pies with our own production of strawberries with taste and without pesticides because our farm is 100% natural and organic. Here is the photo and what we did with other strawberries the next day. Good day and good appetite.

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