Organic Garden...

Our beautiful organic garden of 3500 m2  is cultivated by us to provide fresh vegetables & fruit for our guests. 

We never use pesticides or chemicals.

It's pollinated by bees... As Mother Nature intended.

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We try to work with our own compost, which is produced by our Horse, Goats and Chickens.
The Waste from other fruits like bananas,Ananas are composting to make earth for our ornamental plants.

The remains from our vegetable garden are sold to costumers who wants to have some fresh vegetables.

We have a field with 2000 of strawberry plants , we make our marmelades and liquor with.

And a beautiful cute Herb garden with all kind of fresh herbs for delicious Tea, salades ,tomatoes, etc for our and guest consumption .

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We have a special price for our guests, there's choice having a little dinner on the day of arrival or during your stay in the evening on your private terrace.

You can even share dinner with us on request .( It's not possible for the moment due covid restrictions .)

Our beautiful organic garden, provide fresh vegetables & fruit.

We never use pesticides or chemicals and it is pollinated by bees... 

We have a very productive herb garden, near the house, that we use in our cooking.

Our food is always freshly prepared, using our and local ingredients .

We make our own cheese and yogurt from our small herd of goats.

Fresh eggs from our chickens, are collected daily.

Every evening we prepare our own bread and it is served fresh from our oven for breakfast

We are both passionate about cooking and endeavour to provide fresh delicious food.

We grow as much as we can on our land.

 So we can prepare breakfast and cook a delicious dinner

to share with our guests.

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For all request you can write an email,Phone or even by Whatsapp 

0039 328 56 80 191 .

 It will be a pleasure to respond you as quick as possible !

Thanks for your visit, hope to see you soon!

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